Field Research Q&A.

What exactly is Field Research?

An email-based publication featuring razor-sharp satire, inventive dark comedy, and short, edgy fiction.

Oh yeah? Show me.

Try these on for size:

More objectively, I’m humbled to come recommended by twenty-eight Substack writers, including world-class humorists and satirists Dennard Dayle, Michael Estrin, Eli Grober, and Bev Potter, superb fiction writers Kris Mole and Meg Oolders, and culture aficionados Michael Jensen and Andrew Paul Koole.

Impressive. But tell me this: WTF is an Amran Gowani?

Me! I’m a real person, with real feelings!

I’m also a lifelong writer at heart who spent the first half of my existence doing white-collar, corporate nonsense instead (e.g., organic chemist, financial analyst, business journalist).

Now I’m a full-time stay-at-home dad and novelist seeking traditional publication.

This spicy launch post and this one-year anniversary post will tell you more than you’d like to know about me.

Okay, you seem like an interesting guy. What’re you selling?

For nothing:

  • At least one piece of dark humor, sharp satire, or edgy fiction per month, delivered Fridays at 9:30 a.m. Chicago time

But, if you make twelve monthly payments of $5.00 ($60.00 total), or a one-time upfront payment of at least $48.00, you’ll receive:

  • LIFETIME access to all future paywalled posts, plus the full archive of 115+ stories — and counting

  • Up to four pieces of dark humor, sharp satire, or edgy fiction per month, delivered Fridays at 9:30 a.m. Chicago time

  • Access to exclusive series such as “The Talks” and the Flash Fiction Story Bag

  • An inside look at my traditional publication journey, including novel excerpts and updates on my progress (I’m “querying” this fall)

Finally, most importantly, I donate half of paid proceeds to high-impact organizations such as Sandy Hook Promise, Everytown for Gun Safety, The Nature Conservancy, The Innocence Project, and The NAACP Legal Defense Fund.

Hold up, I thought all Substack newsletters were never-ending subscription scams.

Not this one.

Think of Field Research as a living book, rather than a recurring newsletter.

When you buy a book, you pay once, and it’s yours to keep forever. Likewise, when you buy Field Research, you’ll pay once, and it’ll be yours to access forever — or as long as Substack and I both remain viable.

My mind is blown. And you said you’ll also donate half the proceeds?!


Look, I’m an extremely fortunate stay-at-home dad whose super-badass wife supports my family financially. I don’t expect to get rich writing Field Research, but I do expect to have a ton of goddamned fun — and make a positive impact in the process.

Dang, that’s legit dope AF.

I know!

Okay, I dig your writing and your philosophy. Now what?

To test drive Field Research and see if it’s your jam, click the handsome black button and start with a free subscription. 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽

If you like what you see, are comfortable financially, and want half your payment directed to a worthy organization, I’d love to have you join our tight-knit — and growing — community.

You’re not pushy — I like that. Anything else I should know?

Prepare for madness.

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Razor-sharp satire. Inventive dark comedy. Acerbic fiction. Field Research takes no prisoners, and supports important causes.


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