Field Research Q&A.

What exactly is Field Research?

An email-based publication featuring razor-sharp satire, inventive dark comedy, and the odd piece of short, edgy fiction.

Oh yeah? Show me what you got.

Field Research
A fatalist's guide to Father's Day
Your perfectly planned, pre-written Instagram story: My absolutely AMAZING kids let me sleep in until 9AM!!! #FATHERSDAY #DADLIFE #FATHERS #DADS #BLESSED The shameful, nightmarish reality you’ll encounter: Your dipshit three-year-old son, who won’t eat, sleep, use the potty, or do any goddamned thing you ask, wakes up at 4:46 a.m., wailing in an ancient …
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Field Research
Announcing the winners of our sixth annual children’s book cleanse!
Note: This is satire. Hopefully it’ll make you laugh. Crying also works…
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Field Research
One-sided conversations with unmedicated Alderpersons
Hey Friends, I did a little field research for Field Research these last two weeks — see what I did there? — and today’s post includes a detailed report of my findings. A quick note up front: I’m calling this a “pseudo-legitimate” dispatch because even though it’s entirely fact-based, I'm not an official reporter and didn’t tell anyone I spoke with I inte…
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Not bad. But tell me this: WTF is an Amran Gowani?

Me! I’m a real person — with real feelings!

Also, I’m a lifelong writer at heart who spent the first half of my existence doing white-collar, corporate nonsense instead (e.g., organic chemist, financial analyst, business journalist).

Now I’m a full-time stay-at-home dad writing a contemporary fiction novel and these dark, deranged missives.

This spicy launch post includes a detailed, unflattering autobiography:

Field Research
Welcome to the party, Pal
TL;DR: As the next step in my writing journey, I’ve created this darkly humorous email newsletter, Field Research by Amran Gowani. Check out the existing catalogue here. This post is both introduction and guiding manifesto. If you received it via email, you’re subscribed. Welcome to the show! If an email was forwarded to you, or you found me via the Sub…
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This first anniversary post recaps my “writing journey” thus far and acknowledges everyone who’s supported me:

Field Research
Celebrating an entire year of madness
The story so far Last summer I’d reached an inflection point. I’d spent the prior two years writing a novel which failed to hook an agent. That outcome was a sure bet statistically, but a bummer nonetheless. Deflated, but not defeated, I regrouped, recognized my craft wasn’t up to snuff, channeled my latent rage, commit…
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And this deeply personal guest essay for Neal Bascomb’s Work/Craft/Life discusses why fatherhood is so important to me (note: paywalled):

“Dad! Wass for Bweakfass?”
Welcome to the latest newsletter. Very glad to have so many new readers joining us today! As Work/Craft/Life expands its reach, thanks to all of you, I’ve been appreciative of how many folks have connected with me about their own jobs. We all have moving stories to tell, and I’m eager to hear them. Keep’em coming…
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Fine, you seem like an interesting guy. What’re you selling?

For free:

One piece of dark humor, sharp satire, or edgy fiction, delivered most Fridays at 9:30 a.m. Chicago time.

For $5 per month, or $48 per year if paid up front:

Those same pieces, plus:

  • Periodic paywalled stories — probably around eight to twelve per year — which will include topical, news-driven satire, NSFW dark comedy, and deranged fiction unsuitable for classy publications

  • Full access to my entire archive of over seventy stories

  • Exclusive access to paid subscriber threads, chats, and mailbags

  • Membership in a vibrant community of brilliant, sophisticated smartasses

  • Other fancy benefits as I dream them up

That’s nice, but I thought everything on the internet was free. Why should I pay for this?

Unfortunately we’ve all been conditioned to think internet “content” should be “free.” But as an independent, unaffiliated rando I don’t — nor will I ever — sell ads or mine, repackage, and pawn your personal data.

I just write.

To ensure my stories stay RZA-razor sharp, and merit your precious time and attention, I spend twenty-plus hours each week researching, drafting, crafting, and revising.

Your paid subscription values my effort (#capitalism) and allows me (and you) to invest in my future writing endeavors.


Also: The Federal Reserve set your money on fire, so you might as well spend it before it’s gone.

Thanks, Biden.

The President doesn’t control—

I guess those are fair points. But, is your writing any good?

I think so!

But, more objectively, I’m humbled to come recommended by sixteen other writers, including world-class humorists and satirists Michael Estrin, Dennard Dayle, Bev Potter, and Eli Grober and superb fiction writers Meg Oolders and Kris Mole.

Plus, check out this straight 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥:

“The premise — a weird person attracts other weird people then writes about their encounters — is clear. The logic ends there. Ultimately, Field Research is another vapid, lifeless blog nobody asked for.” — The New Yorker

“Woke. Virtue-signaling. Performative. Even free speech has its limits.” — Breitbart News

“This dude’s the funniest guy you’ve never heard of.” — Guy you’ve never heard of

“Mr. Gowani spins an amusing yarn, but his lack of writing talent is a distraction, rearing its ugly head far too often.” — The Economist

“Oh my God it’s so cringe — but in a good way!” — Amran’s son’s preschool teacher

“Rubbish.” — Financial Times

“Namby pamby websites like this are why old media will never die.” — Logan Roy, Founder and CEO, Waystar Royco

Okay… What do I do now?

If you want to test drive Field Research and see if it’s your jam, start with a free subscription by clicking the handsome black button below. You can always upgrade later once you’re addicted.

If you already love what you see, and have the financial means to support me, I’d be thrilled if you took out a paid subscription.

Important note: If you’re experiencing financial hardship, or are a current high school or undergraduate student, email me at and I’ll gladly hook you up with a free gift subscription.

Nice. You’re not that pushy — I like that. Anything else I should know?

You’re in for tons of laughs.

Wecome to the show.


Amran Gowani
Wannabe novelist. Humorist. Satirist. Professional dad. Florida Man. Michigan Man.